5 Major differences between an Architect and an Interior Designer

Every building tells a story about the originators. Architects and InteriorDesigners are not only decorators but professionals who design your infrastructure based on your needs. The tales of buildings are crafted about the intricate works done by Interior Designers and Architects. Tales for building structures are majorly concerned with Interior Designers and Architects. An Architect and an Interior Designer plays a key role in achieving dreams of a client by building infrastructure as per requirements. Job role of an architect is completely different from an interior designer and it is found that many people consider both job roles as one. Therefore, it becomes very difficult for them to hire the right individual for designing purposes.

Following are the major differences between an Architect and an Interior Designer:

  • The major role of an Architect is to design and plan the complete space (externally and internally) to develop physical divisions and relationships within the infrastructure. In comparison to Architects, an Interior Designer uses the platform designed architects to design the internal aesthetic and functional value.
  • In respect to what architects and interior designers design, it can be said that architects are liable to design buildings, while interior designers are responsible for designing interior walls of a building like, fixtures, cupboards, furnitures, and many other accessories.
  • In respect to training of architects and interior designers, both of them are equipped with similar resources but trained for different aspects. Architects are trained for designing a structural building considering all local, state, and national building codes while interior designers are trained only for developing functional and high quality interior environment.
  • In respect to basic requirements of Architects and interior designers for construction, Architects are inclined towards technical needs in construction for example, ventilation, lighting, material, design, temperature, climate, etc., while interior designers are focussed towards human psychology and beliefs with internal arrangement or decoration of belongings within the construction.
  • In terms of responsibilities, architects are responsible for determining the overall outlook of a building including its structure while interior designer is responsible for bringing all facilities under one space based on client’s specifications and requirements.

Above differences clearly depicts the different role plays of an architect and an interior designer in construction of a building. As per reports, it has been identified that hiring both (an interior designer and an architect) is equally important for the client in order to make its space utilised fully. Architects are the starters of any construction building while interior designers are the finishers of any construction building. It can also be said that the work of an architect and an interior designer completely relies on each other. If architects are responsible for designing the outer space of any construction based on client’s requirements then continuing this progress, interior designers are associated for arranging various facilities in the provided spaces required by client in construction building. Collectively, interior designers as well as architects ensures client’s vision to be executed effectively.

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