A Complete Information to Furnish and Decorate Your Apartment

Due to our jobs or business most of us live in the cities which makes it almost impossible for us to find a big apartment. Settling and decorating a small apartment or flat can be really complicated due to the lack of area. But this does not mean that your home cannot look as beautiful and spacious as a big apartment.  To give you an idea of how you can decorate your small flat here is a complete guide of designs for each room.
                                             1.Entrance overview

If you do not have an elaborate entrance hallway than the best way to decorate it is by adding wall hangings. These can include paintings or even designer key holders that you can hang on the wall. This way you will be able to decorate the entrance without using any floor space. This overview also gives you an idea of how the apartment is laid out so that you know the position of each room.

                                                     2. Living room

The living room is the next part of the house. This is a narrow area which can be decorated by placing the couch on one wall and the entertainment unit on the opposite. By doing so you will have enough walking space in the middle. You can also incorporate table lamps and paintings like seen in the picture.
                                                      3.Dining room

Most of you might think that it is not possible to add a dining room in a small apartment but by opting for a similar looking round table of four you will be able to have a decent size dining area. The designer has also added a unique light fixture which makes the room look beautiful. The best way to make it looks spacious is by adding a wall of mirrors which will help reflect the light in every corner of the room.
                                                   4.Office Desk

This small office desk is situated right opposite to the dining table near the bedroom door. This will give you enough space to store your office essentials like computer, laptops, printers, and books. The designer has also opted for ceramic decorative plates to hang on the wall to give it a unique touch. You can also add pictures of your family if you want to make it look more personalized.

This might look like a small kitchen but it is definitely functional for a small family. The kitchen layout is parallel which means all the appliances are on one side and the storage on the other.
The designer has also installed a shifting door between the kitchen and the laundry room which has a combo washer and dryer. One can also see the hangers that the designer has installed above the washer to store clothes.

The bedroom of the house might look small but the designer has opted for a creative back wall to make the place stand out. Apart from this you can also install mirrors on the wardrobe door to make the place looks spacious. This will also give your bedroom a modern look.

The bathroom of this apartment is kept simple. It has a shower area that is enclosed with glass sliding door followed by a toilet and a sink. All the fixtures of the bathroom are white which gives it a clean look. Along with this opting for sleek looking fixtures also gives you enough walking space in the bathroom.

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